When rubbish flowers in a cemetery

February 11, 2009

Night song

I breath in time with the cricket's sound
With the moon for light, I write.
The starry sky closes around me
and I feel I can fly.

Cool winter breeze listens to my humming
and blows a fragrance from trees afar,
Reminds me of a night in the forest
As a lone dog barks.

It is quiet in this jungle too
Just the sound of the train in the distance,
Someone closed their window for the night
And I opened my eyes to see
this sleepy world in a new light.



Gauri Gharpure said...


the away at the end of the lone dogs cud be done away with for better..

Glassbeads said...

thanks gauri :)

Joe Pinto said...

nm - beautiful pics to go with your poems. Where do you find them?
- Joe.

Glassbeads said...

Thanks sir, some pics have been clicked by me, others are from the internet (with due credit to the original website.. click on the pic and u can visit the website)

feddabonn said...

i love the layers in "it is quiet in this jungle too". potent stuff!

Glassbeads said...

Thanks feddabonn :)