When rubbish flowers in a cemetery

February 8, 2009

I talked to a bird

Sun’s rays slanted on the rooftop
And running water gurgled nearby
People too busy to notice such beauty
As birds sang sweetly in the sky.

It was still, not a breeze
And sunlight gave each tree a different hue
And on one such tree sat a little bird
With tiny little wings of blue.

Come sing dear bird, I called out gently
Sing a pleasant note of joy
Let me hear the cheerful chirp
And then you are free to fly.

The little bird stared with shiny black eyes
It seemed to pry my mind
And I felt it say I will not sing
Today I will not cry.

Today I’ll stare at the setting sun
That glows golden as ripe wheat
Let me take in this lovely sight
I do not want to sing.

And then the breeze blew cool and light
And shook the trees gently
I felt the evening pass away
So gaily, so thoughtfully.


Joe Pinto said...

My dear nm,

I hear birds from my window every morning. So I was happy to read your poem, talking to a bird.

I am also happy that you do not put yourself out to write a poem --ever so often, just because you've started a blog. I note this is your first poem since the last three months.

Warm regards,
- Joe.

Glassbeads said...

dear sir,

i write poems only when they come to my mind.. i wrote about the mumbai attacks too but havent put it up.. it was odd that it rained in Pune a few days after the incident and it felt as if heaven was crying for the people who died and also forn the people who live as they will forget things very soon. i had lost that paper somewhere but found it again a few days ago. so will be posting that too.

about nature and birds there is a line from a poem that always comes to my mind when i look out of the balcony of my house.. "what is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.."
rgds nm

Gauri Gharpure said...

i was taken by the two lines

'let me take in this sight,
i will not sing'..

nice poem...

Glassbeads said...

Hi Gauri
thanks a lot for your comments