When rubbish flowers in a cemetery

December 9, 2008

An old friend of mine

One minute it calculates figures in the mind
another moment it forsees repercussions;
a love-hate relationship that refuses to leave
gives a high but troubles more.

Like an irritating friend, it keeps coming back
but cannot be turned away rudely though,
Like buttermilk, the stomach churns violently
heart thumps louder than before.

Fleeting thoughts, impulsive actions
are its fortress oh so strong,
we break them and make them, and cajole and crib
give in sometimes but resist more.

They insult the being, rake up the ego
that's how temptations work
we fight, we lie, we lose, we win
we but cannot ignore.


Gauri Gharpure said...

but we cannot ignore...

so so true! it's a pleasure to discover ur blog, finally. i think either u have moved to a new address, or have changed the layout, isnt it?

I got the clipping, thanks a ton. a letter is ready, not posted for want of an envelope. i had i would let the snail mail do the talking, but alas, the temptations of the e-age mar communication like nothing else can...

take care and am sure we will see more of each other on this space...

Joe Pinto, Pune said...

Hi nm,

You describe well how we survive, thrive, live. Resist temptation. Be strong.

I'll call one of these days.

Warm regards,
- Joe.

Glassbeads said...

thanks Gauri :) ofcourse letters are lovely but then again technology tempts .. hahaha