When rubbish flowers in a cemetery

November 12, 2008

When winter comes...

Cold -- a feeling that hits within; pierces the skin,
constricts the flesh and,
drills through my bones.

Chill -- I feel it when my teeth hurt,
Goes down the spine and up and,
Gives goose bumps all over.

Shiver -- I feel it when my ears go red
when my skin cracks dry and,
touch is numbed.

Poor -- Yes I am and so I know
how all this really feels.
Without a strip of cloth
No morsel to eat,
I sit in this winter
Blowing at my bare feet.



Joseph M. Pinto, Pune, India said...

dear nm - are you the same glassbeads mentioned in sakaal times of sunday, 16 nov 2008?

When winter comes can spring be far behind?
- percy bysshe shelley (1792-1822)

Glassbeads said...

Dear sir,
I think you haven't recognised me.. Yes i am the same glassbeads mentioned in the paper but due to technical problems I write using this pseudonym. Thankyou very much for your comments, I value them a lot.

NM i.e. niketa mulay :)